LACDS, LACDS 102, Petra Pope, Natalie, Savanna, Athena


Who knew one announcement could cause so much drama?!

On Tuesday's episode of LA Clippers Dance Squad, rookie Athena was announced as the co-captain, which took everyone completely by surprise.

After the announcement was made, the tension between Athena and the rest of the team increased significantly and the ladies started to throw major shade at Athena.

Then after picking up on her teammates "awkward" energy towards her, Athena met up with her friends to vent and ended up completely trashing her squad.

What else happened on the episode? Take a look at the recap below to see the top five most shocking moments from the latest episode of LACDS!

LACDS, LACDS 102, Petra Pope, Natalie, Savanna, Athena


1. The Co-Captain Is...

While Kellie had already been named the team's captain, the co-captain position was still up in the air. So on Tuesday's episode the squad's creative director Petra Pope revealed who she picked as the co-captain.

"We are going to announce the co-captain today," Petra told the squad. "We think that she's a perfect fit, she's strong, she executes choreography super well, so Athena will be co-captain."

When Athena was named the co-captain, the reception in the room was anything but warm. It didn't seem like many of her teammates were happy about the choice.

"Athena's just been named co-captain," Savanna said. "Being a rookie I knew it was a long shot for me, but what the f--k, Athena? There's so many worthy vets that could've taken that position and I just know that this is going to be a disaster."

2. Natalie, Savanna & Hannah Slam Athena:

While hanging out together, Natalie, Savanna and Hannah discussed the co-captain decision. They all agreed that the position should've gone to a vet and they revealed that they aren't pleased with Petra's choice.

Watch the video above to find out what the trio thinks about Athena being co-captain!

3. Athena Calls Her Teammates "Bitches" While Venting to Her Friends:

After being named co-captain, Athena met up with her friends to vent about her teammates. During the vent session Athena completely trashed her teammates and made fun of their appearance and personalities.

Take a look at the video above to see Athena call her teammates "bitches" and to find out what else she said about them!

LACDS, LACDS 102, Petra Pope, Natalie, Savanna, Athena


4. Savanna Has a Make Out Session… In Front of Everyone!

Roommates Blair, Hannah and Savanna decided to throw a little party and invited some cute men over! While Blair decided to take things slow with her crush Chace, Savanna ended up making out with her friend front of everyone at the party!

"I don't mean to hijack Blair's date right now, but Blair is behaving like an eighth grader on her first date," Savanna said. "But I am definitely not in middle school."

The next day Hannah had to tell Blair, "You kissed him on the kitchen where I cook at!"

Whoops! LOL.

LACDS, LACDS 102, Petra Pope, Natalie, Savanna, Athena


5. The Squad Isn't Ready:

With one day left until the first pre-season game, the squad isn't ready to perform.

"Tomorrow's the first pre-season game," Petra said. "And the dancers are performing at rehearsal like they just learned the number. I cannot have them perform this routine tomorrow if it looks like this. I thought I made the right choice by having them all perform for the first pre-season game, but I don't know if I made the right decision."

Latrice, the team's choreographer, told the squad that she felt like "some people are checking out of rehearsal."

Petra then told the team, "There's still possibilities that people will be taken off if you're not super strong and show lots of energy for tomorrow."

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