Disappearing Woman


Now you see her, now you... wait, seriously, what just happened?!

There is a mystery afoot, and the viral video detectives of the online community are on the case.

May we please direct your attention to the first piece of evidence, well, the primary, maybe the only, piece of evidence...

An interview from Sports Center on the Danish television network TV2:

There's a good chance you don't understand what the athlete is saying in this interview, and that's OK.

We want you stay focused on the blonde woman behind him, dressed in a jacket and denim.

Because you're about to watch her disappear on live television.

This is better than any David Blaine trick we've ever seen.

As the interviewee speaks, we see the woman behind him standing and waiting near some benches in what appears to be an airport baggage claim area.

Another woman, pushing a cart of luggage, walks past her and exchanges words with the blonde woman.

As Woman No. 2 passes in front of Woman No. 1, we see Woman No. 1 seemingly vanish into thin air.

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Yeah, you tell us what happened, because we've only re-watched this approximately 45 times.

Reddit users offered up some guesses as to the woman's fate:

"Did she walk at the same time as the woman pushing the cart and the woman with the cart just blocked the view from her?"

"She starts walking with the lady and the cart, notice the crown of her head!"

"Look at her reflection in the metallic rubbish bin on the left of the picture. You can see it moves off to the left, to follow the other dark haired woman."

"There are 'people' who can just slip into the folds of space and disappear from the view of the rest of the world."

"She was a g-g-g-g-g-ghost!"

"Platform nine and three-quarters... happens all the time."

"Magic is the only answer!"

"Time traveler."

And perhaps the most logical guess:

"So? Everything disappears in baggage claim."

Did she mysteriously vanish, create an illusion on purpose to haunt us, or just decide to walk away at that exact moment?

One thing is for sure: Airports overseas seem pretty calm. We need to fly take a trip to Europe.


Speaking of Internet obsessions, we put together a series of emojis, now you can try and solve the pop culture headline—watch the video below...

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