Messing around is not an option on a wedding day, unless you're the bride that is!

Gabourey Sidibe appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday and recalled an epic prank she played on Jimmy Kimmel's wedding day in 2013. She hadn't been a guest on his show since then, so she detailed how she and Molly McNearney teamed up to trick the late-night talk show host. Molly made Jimmy promise to pull "no pranks" during the ceremony, so she knew he would "be surprised."

Gabourey and Molly came up with a plan that had the Empire star walking down the aisle in full wedding dress ahead of the actual bride. Molly had told Gabourey that Jimmy was afraid that he was going to cry on his wedding day, which didn't sit well with the actress. As a result, she made it her mission to get the waterworks going.

"What kind of psychopath are you that you are afraid to have an emotion?" she joked. "It is your wedding!"

"I find it embarrassing," Jimmy explained.

Gabourey Sidibe, Jimmy Kimmel Wedding

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Only Gabourey and Molly knew about he prank, so when the actress arrived in a wedding gown on the bride's big day, Molly's family freaked out.

"'It's going to be OK, but apparently they double booked the wedding,'" Jimmy recalled his now-father-in-law telling Molly at the time. "'There's another bride here. We're going to make it work.'"

She quickly informed him that Gabourey wasn't actually getting married that day, and the prank proceeded as planned. As Gabourey walked down the aisle in her wedding dress, she received facial expressions of confusion, anger and finally understanding.

"I was so afraid that someone was going to run and tackle me, like, 'Not Molly's day!'" she said.

Everyone realized it was a prank and thought it was hilarious, but Gabourey just wanted her mission to be complete: Make Jimmy cry. Did she do it? You'll just have to watch the clip to find out if she succeeded and see some hilarious photos of Gabourey getting down on the dance floor at the reception.

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