Is Justin Timberlake Making New Music With Pharrell?! Singer Posts Pic of the Duo in the Studio and Our Ears Are Excited

Some new music from these two would be pretty sweet. Just sayin'.

By Bruna Nessif Mar 18, 2016 2:26 AMTags
Justin Timberlake, PharrellInstagram

Please, please, please let this mean what we think it means.

Justin Timberlake just took to Instagram to post a photo that made our ears perk up in excitement, because it's a snapshot of himself in the studio with Pharrell Williams, which obviously has us assuming that there's possible new J.T. music on the horizon, and our hearts just can't deal with the disappointment of being wrong.

Captioned "currently," a casually clad Timberlake is seated on a sofa instead of the studio while seemingly in deep (but entertaining) conversation with the music producer, who's flashing a smile from his chair.

So, if we ruled the world, this conversation is about a collaboration between the two and they're smiling because whatever they're cooking up is obviously a banger.

Timberlake sparked some hopes for another joint creation recently when he shared a photo alongside The Weeknd. Imagine these two on a track?! Or these two on a track with a Pharrell beat?!! Are we on to something here?

Anyway, while a potential duet remains to be seen heard, the multi-Grammy winner and "In the Night" singer hit the town together with J.T.'s childhood friend, famed American magician David Blaine.

"This dude, @davidblaine is THE BEST IN THE BIZ. Me and @abelxo are TRIPPIN' right now!!!! Known him since I was 19 and he still blows me away with his talent!," Timberlake captioned a selfie of the three men on Instagram. 

The Weeknd weighed in on the trio, sharing the same photo on his own social media while dubbing the group, "OG's," a slang term meaning original gangsters. 

All right, guys, we like how this is looking. Let's get this show on the road!

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