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Grey's Anatomy

First of all, it's important to remember that Casey Wilson is just fine in real life, as far as we know. She's not pregnant with quadruplets, and one of them didn't try to come out early, and she's also not an far as we know.

That all said, the fact that the accountant who was pregnant with quadruplets right in the middle of tax season was played by Casey Wilson made us care very much about whether or not she and all four of her babies—including Charles—survived the episode. It's apparently nearly impossible to deliver one baby but not all babies, but Arizona managed to do it tonight, saving Casey Wilson, the incredibly premature Charles, and Bailey's taxes. 

Rita Moreno also guested tonight as a woman whose husband was in an accident that caused him to forget the past 30 years in which he had been cheating on her. She almost got him back, until he ended up dying. 

Meredith, meanwhile, resisted the calls of that military doc until he just went ahead and showed up at the hospital. Whether or not she said yes to his date was left as a cliffhanger along with one little other secret: Jackson now knows April is pregnant, but she's not the one who got to tell him. Oops! 

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"The sister I never had." 

That's the totally gross, totally slap-in-the-face way Jake described his relationship with Olivia to his new fiancee. After some intense surveillance, Liv was nearly ready to admit Jake might actually be in love...until she realized that he had seduced her the same way, by just so happening to bump into her one too many times. 

Liv's focus on Jake drove Quinn up the wall as she was forced to take charge of OPA. While they were on the hunt for Huck—who they feared might have murdered his ex's new boyfriend—Quinn finally let Olivia have it, and Olivia fought back. Obviously that week-long kidnapping she suffered had an affect on her, and she had been enjoying her time next to Fitz, basically running the country. 

Abby, meanwhile, figured out that Cyrus was working for Vargus, and got Fitz to allow her to fire him, and now Abby is the new White House Chief of Staff. 

As for who will next occupy the White House, another new name entered the race. His name is Hollis Doyle, he's running on a twisted version of Mellie's entire campaign plan, he's determined to get rid of immigrants, and he reminds us a whole lot of another blond billionaire who thinks he can be president. 

Will this fictional presidential race even begin to equal the real one going on right now? We'll just have to wait and see. 

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How to Get Away with Murder

Well...we were not expecting that. First, we learned that Phillip was not actually the murderous psychopath. That title truly belonged to Caleb, who had been playing everyone the whole time, and is now dead in a bathtub. Second, we learned that Frank had been bugging Annalise's apartment and was ultimately responsible for the accident that cost her her son, which was what Sam held over his head when he later needed a pretty big favor. 

The night ended with Frank missing as Wes went to confront his father...right before that father was shot in the head. 

We've got the scoop on Frank's past and his future, and stick around later for more from creator Pete Nowalk

Grey's Anatomy and Scandal air Thursdays, starting at 8 p.m. on ABC. How to Get Away with Murder will return in the fall. 

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