Ryan Seacrest Is Getting Emotional About American Idol's Finale

Plus, the host extraordinaire reveals one Idol veteran confirmed to return for the finale

By Jean Bentley Mar 17, 2016 8:40 PMTags
Watch: Ryan Seacrest Gets Emotional Over "Idol" Finale

As anyone who's been watching American Idol this year knows, the end is very, very near. Hey, did you know it's the Farewell Season? Because maybe you haven't heard yet but it's the Farewell Season and they're saying goodbye because it's the Farewell Season.

But as the April 7 finale approaches, it's finally sinking in for host extraordinaire Ryan Seacrest and the judges (and the production team!) that it's actually ending.

"I think about every time we're doing something this season that this will be the last one of these," Seacrest confessed to E! News' Will Marfuggi at the show's final Top 10 party. "This is the last top 10, this is the last wild card. It's starting to sink in that this season's only six more weeks."


And yeah, he's getting a little emotional about it—especially a few weeks ago when he was hanging out with Kelly Clarkson following her touching performance of "Piece By Piece." "I started thinking about the fact that many years ago I was scared to death standing next to her announcing the first winner, so it's starting to sink in that this is really a farewell," he says.

But he's excited about the talent lined up this year, and getting ready for the finale. "We, this year, have more that are, at this stage, better than in years past. There are more than a handful that have got some really incredible talent, so I think that we will end with what we need, which is a marquee, great bookend final winner for the show."

Press play on the video above for more of Seacrest's thoughts on the Farewell Season, plus scoop on which Idol veteran is confirmed to return for the finale!

American Idol airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on Fox.