M.I.A., Simba

Dave Benett/Getty Images, Disney

MIA takes on Disney with her newest song, "OLA," but apparently without permission from The Mouse.

In the track, released Thursday, the 40-year-old British rapper raps about U.S. immigration, a controversial topic that has become a major issue in the campaigns of the 2016 presidential candidates.

The song contains bits of "The Circle of Life" from Disney's 1994 movie The Lion King.

"Pirates! Throw that s--t on DJ sites WORLDWIDE no borders - b 4 Disney shut it down!" M.I.A. wrote on Twitter Thursday.

Sample lyrics include, "At the border I see the patroller cruising past in their car / Creeping in my socks and slippers, Mexicans say "hola!" / At the border I see the patroller cruising past in their car / Hiding in my Toyota Corolla / everybody say "Y.A.L.A.!"

"OLA" later transitions into another song, "Foreign Friend," which contains the lyrics, "Better tell somebody / I'm an immigrant / When I jump that fence / I'm gon' get a Benz / Then I leave my tent / and I gon' be your foreign friend / I gon' be your foreign friend."

Last month, M.I.A. released the track "Boom ADD," which references the NFL's lawsuit against her over her one-finger salute during a group performance with Madonna at the Super Bowl XLVI Halftime Show. The organization has said her move marked a breach of her contract.

M.I.A. had in response to the suit released a YouTube video accusing the league of "massive corporation d--k shaking" for demanding $1.5 million from her for flipping the bird. She also called the issue "completely ridiculous" and said the production's cheerleaders were more offensive.

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