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Can you believe it has been a decade of celeb selfies, pop culture events, and random trending hashtags about runaway llamas and such?

Twitter was founded 10-years-ago today (happy birthday, blue bird logo thing!) and that decade has passed by so quickly.

We should probably tweet a meme about freshmen year versus senior year.

Every time we tap that app on our phone we know we'll be met with something new, whether it's a feud reaching its peak, Bachelor fans freaking out over a finale, or breaking news about something important.

Or, you know, breaking news about Ecto-Cooler making a comeback, or whatever.

Twitter is there for the big moments and the inane day-to-day, and it's also brought us one step closer to our favorite stars.

Who can pass up an in-depth look at a celeb's life through a real-time timeline?

To celebrate, let's look at some big moments for the stars who keep us super-entertained while we're scrolling through tweets.

Here's the breakdown of the most retweeted tweets by Twitter's most-followed celebs.

1. Katy Perry:

Directions clearly agreed, because the "Firework" singer got mad RTs on this one.

2. Justin Bieber:

Sincere, inspirational all caps Bieber is our favorite Bieber, too.

3. Taylor Swift:

When Swift weighs in on a dress debate that's tearing the Internet apart, you listen!

Pretty sure the whole thing was shut down thanks to the star, finally, telling us what the truth was.

4. Barack Obama:

How appropriate that it's another election year already!

Obama's big tweet? Celebrating his reelection in 2012 with wife Michelle Obama.

5. Rihanna:

RiRi really kept us waiting for her latest album, Anti, so this teasing tweet while slaying with a selfie was just too much to handle.

6. Lady Gaga:

Between Perry and Gaga we've learned that maybe all you have to do is get the power of the Directioner fanbase on your side, then watch the RTs roll in.

7. Ellen DeGeneres:

One selfie to rule them all: it's no surprise this huge moment from the 2014 Oscars is still DeGeneres' most-retweeted tweet.

How can you top that star power?!

8. Justin Timberlake:

Aw, Justin is so cute, y'all.

The singer shouted out Kanye West after 'Ye called him out for crying at the MTV VMAs. Timberlake insisted his response wasn't a jab.

9. Britney Spears:

You know the struggle when you've got 140 characters to fill and you want to discuss major world, environmental issues while also celebrating an entertainer you enjoy?

We feel for Spears on this one. She knows how to get a lot done in a single tweet.

10. Kim Kardashian:

The latest and greatest on the list, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's tweet is the most recent on this rundown, and it didn't take long for her clapback to rack up the RTs.

The star took a few tweets to defend a recent nude selfie, and she wasn't holding back. Haters, beware!

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