Josh Hutcherson and Kiersey Clemons Make Out in DJ Snake and Bipolar Sunshine's "Middle" Music Video

Hunger Games star is taking his game elsewhere: the music video business

By Talia Weisner Mar 17, 2016 7:02 PMTags

Think Josh Hutcherson is fierce as The Hunger Game's Peeta Mellark? Well, he my have outdone himself in yet another feature performance. The actors stars in DJ Snake and Bipolar Sunshine's new—and extraordinarily trippy—music video for their popular release, "Middle." 

In the video, Hutcherson appears alongside actress and musician Kiersey Clemons. Both young stars don full faces of superhero-esque face-paint. That is, if a superhero were to accidentally fall asleep in his face paint and conceal his smudged visage with a superhero eye mask. Questionable makeup application included, the video is actually pretty cool, as Hutcherson and Clemons frolic around the streets, take off in flight, part ways, and return to each others arms—all to the catchy tunes of a club hit. The pair also make out a little, because why not?

The dust seems to settle by the end of the video. The romantic tension between Josh and Kiersey, however, far from wears.

The duo's palpable on-screen chemistry may have more to do with their mutually striking features...and the dazzling glow of young celebrity, which these two stars coincidentally share. In fact, you may recognize Kiersey from some of her other ventures. She appeared in Lady Gaga's video for "Til It Happens to You," starred in Amazon's Transparent and moonlighted as Diggy in the award-winning film Dope

While it may be hard to recognize either Hutcherson or Clemons behind their stage makeup, one thing is for certain: they certainly do the catchy tune justice. And rightfully so, considering that the song has been sitting pretty atop the Billboard charts for quite some time now. Though given the looks of this music video, it would seem the anthem will retain its rhythmic steam —far above the middle of the top 100, we might add—for at least a bit longer.