While everyone was talking about DJ, Stephanie, and Michelle (and even Kimmy) on Full House, we were all missing out on something super-important.

Stephanie's BFF Gia, played by Marla Sokoloff, had kind of a bad/cool girl thing going on that had us majorly crushing on her back in the '90s.

Gia was a girl who hosted make-out parties when her mom wasn't home. Seriously. That's amazing.

The '90s were filled with female flames we either wanted to be or be with.

The Kelly Kapowskis and Buffy Summers of the world got their due.

What about all those forgotten, underrated girl crushes from the 1990's?

People remember following Jessica Biel on 7th Heaven, but what about blonde beauty with bangs Beverley Mitchell who played middle sister Lucy on the show?

Well, it's time to recognize, because she was by far our favorite way back when on the show, and now she's set to star in a new reality TV series, too.

Let's honor the stars who had us smitten back in the day.

Check out this new photo gallery to revisit our throwback girl crushes, including one from a Nickelodeon show that we just remembered was our obsession...

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