Kristin Cavallari Credits Therapy "100 Percent" for Making Marriage With Jay Cutler Work

"I think it's so good for each person individually as well," she says

By Francesca Bacardi Mar 16, 2016 6:47 PMTags
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Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler might appear to have the perfect relationship, but they don't, and she's the first to say it.

The Balancing in Heels author admitted in her new book that she and her husband used a therapist to get them through their issues before tying the knot, even adding that they still go to one. Appearing on SiriusXM's Wake Up With Taylor, Cavallari addressed her admission once more.

"Jay and I, our relationship, we are very honest. We don't have a perfect relationship," she said. "We work on it. We're in therapy."

The couple began therapy when the first broke up, and now the Laguna Beach alum believes that it "100 percent" saved their relationship. "I think it's so good for each person individually as well," she added. "I realized why I react certain ways to certain things, and you learn great tools for communication, which is the most important thing I think."

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She and her husband together learned how to better address their issues, too.

"We've gotten to a place to have more empathy and more compassion for one another," she continued. "Because you learn why, you know everyone comes with a certain amount of baggage. We all react to different situations differently."

The radio show hosts joked that only people in therapy understand the benefits of the service, she joked that she and her husband both had to be a little crazy to enter into it at all. "I think you are kind of insane to begin therapy in the first place," she said, laughing. "Something gets you there for sure."

With her marriage on track and better than ever, Cavallari admitted that she and her NFL hubby like to keep things steamy when he's out of town. Their method? Sexting.

"I'm all about [sexting]. Cut your head off like you said," she admitted. "I mean, listen, Jay and I both travel a lot so sometimes it's necessary."

Explaining her tactic, she said, "I always cut my head out. You have to. And now that I say that I'm sure that someone can put out an argument that this this is my body, but you never have proof!"

Is Jay returning her X-rated pics? Maybe, but she's not that into them! "Dick pics are not as quite attractive as a woman," she says, laughing hysterically. "I mean I'll look at it, I'm not going to deny it. A naked woman is much sexier I have to say."