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Teresa Giudice is not pregnant.

Life & Style magazine is reporting that The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is not only expecting a child with husband Joe Giudice, but they're also getting a divorce. E! News can confirm that neither of these stories is true.

"Teresa is not pregnant. She and Joe have four beautiful daughters together—their family is more than complete. They are not looking to add to it," Teresa's attorney, James Leonard, Jr., tells E! News. "While we are at it, Teresa and Joe are not getting a divorce. Not now, not in six months, not ever. That's another sensational story that gets floated every few months to sell magazines or get hits on gossip websites."

The Giudices certainly have gone through a lot; Teresa was released from prison in December but her husband begins his term this month.

"The truth is despite everything they have been through, their relationship is stronger than ever and they are still very much in love with one another," her attorney adds.

And there you have it! 

Teresa opened up to E! News after her release and said being reunited with her family in time for Christmas was the best gift she could've ever received. "All the girls, they've been attached to me since I've been home," she said. "Audriana, my baby, gives me kisses every second. It's like the best feeling."

But the Bravo star was even more grateful that she got to spend more time with Joe before he went away for three years. "Thank God we have those three months together," she said. "I feel bad for my daughters just having to go through this again. That's what breaks my heart."

If there was anything positive to come out of her time served, it was that they got closer as a couple because he learned what she had to do to take care of the family.

"It brought us closer, just 'cause he said to me...'Oh my God, I can't believe how much you do,' like, being a mom," she recalled. "I did everything. I'm very hands-on."

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