Do you chat at the urinal?

James Corden and Paul Rudd did that and so much more when they both took a trip to the bathroom on The Late Late Show Tuesday night. Rudd had already set up shop at his urinal when Corden joined him. They immediately started having small talk, discussing their weekends, the weather and their lives—all while peeing.

Corden dished his fun weekend plans—he sang Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" at a karaoke bar—and then found out what Rudd was up to.

"I was here mostly," Rudd said.

"In the office?" Corden asked.

"No, no. Right here," Rudd said, referring to the urinal. That's a lot of bathroom time.

So how did they occupy their time while standing tall? You might think relieving themselves was enough to keep them busy, but it turned out they fit in a few more activities in addition to their biological ones.

Paul Rudd, James Corden


Both the British host and the Captain America: Civil War star decided they were hungry, so they each pulled out some grub. Rudd opted for a seriously stacked sandwich while Corden noshed on a yogurt parfait. But obviously they needed more to kick their food up a notch, so they added some fixings and some political conversation.

"I don't think I'm going to vote this year," Rudd said while adding yellow mustard to his sandwich.

"Because you don't like any of the candidates?" Corden asked while adding some honey to his yogurt.

The political conversation and the snacking ended there, but the activities certainly did not. Corden and the Clueless alum began doing crossword puzzles, knitting and more. When Corden wrapped up his time in the can, Rudd said he'd still be there a while.

"I still have a ways to go," Rudd confessed. "I had three ventis this morning."

To see how they ended their time together, watch the clip!

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