Pretty Little Liars, Hush...Hush, Sweet Liars


Um, excuse us?! 

We don't actually know how to explain what just happened in Pretty Little Liars' finale, because it was just so insane. 

The whole gang continued with their plan to use Hanna as bait for the person they thought was Sara, and all they ended up doing was losing Hanna through a hole in the floor. She was last seen being dragged through the church with flowers laid on her chest, possibly-but-probably-not dead. 

Meanwhile, Ali checked herself into psychiatric care after hallucinating her dead mother and the dead Detective Wilden, only we now know that she wasn't hallucinating. What she was actually seeing was her husband, Elliott, and her mother's twin, Mary, dressed up as Jessica and Wilden as part of their plan to take back the Carissimi Group. 

As Spencer discovered thanks to adoption papers in the Radley basement, a woman named Mary Drake had given up a baby named Charles for adoption 25 years ago. Now, she and Charlotte's boyfriend Elliott are striking back by having Elliott marry Charlotte's cousin to get Ali to sign Carissimi over to him. 

Pretty Little Liars, Hush...Hush, Sweet Liars


We don't quite see how it all fits together yet, especially when it comes to the rest of the group. 

We do have some initials for Uber A, who was hilariously nicknamed "A-moji" by Caleb. He or she signed the latest text with "A.D." and sent thanks for giving him/her Hanna. How many bad guys are left to uncover? How crazy will we feel before this is all over again? 

Elsewhere in the PLL world, Caleb and Spencer still seemed to be going strong, which was making our ship-disrupting little hearts very happy until Hanna revealed to Caleb that she had initially changed her mind about breaking up with him in the first place, and then they started kissing. The kissing was interrupted, and now Hanna might be dead, but this still makes everything very complicated. 

While Spencer and Toby didn't quite get to that point, they did get closer tonight as they had to help each other out with breaking into the Radley basement. Yvonne's not happy, and she probably shouldn't be.

Meanwhile, in the best news ever, Aria and Ezra found out that Jillian loves the finished draft of their book, and they celebrated by having sex! 

And finally, where have Elliott and Mary been getting all of their incredibly realistic face masks? We kinda want to see what it's like to be Taylor Swift for a day. 

What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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