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Funny Or Die

Sure, selfie sticks can be annoying when you're trying to get around in a crowded place and it nearly hits you in the head, but when you give Zac Efron a selfie stick, all is right in the world.

The actor was given the somewhat controversial prop to have fun with while shooting his latest feature film Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates for a Funny or Die video, and whaddya know? The Hollywood hunk became pretty obsessed with it, and couldn't snap pictures of himself all day.

No, we're not mad at it. Why would we ever be mad at the ability to see Zac Efron's ridiculously gorgeous mug from a million slightly different angles? However, while we enjoyed reaping the rewards of Efron's selfie stick addiction, we can't say the same was the case for director Jake Szymanski, who was more so annoyed by the entire situation.

"Zac is the kind of actor, the kind of person who gives you 100 percent and he gives you full commitment. And the only thing is, right now he's fully committed to that selfie stick. And that's been a bit of an issue," he said.

What's the issue? Well, it may be a little distracting when Zac is trying to snap a selfie with everyone on set in-between takes, or jumping in for a photo when producer David Ready is on an important business call, or taking pics of himself taking pics with fans on set.

"We've gone into overtime every day since he started bringing that selfie stick to set. That kinda sucks. It's my first movie, so it's not a great way to bring it in. The ironic part is ever since Zac got a $14 selfie stick, we've gone hundreds of thousands of dollars over budget," Szymanski adds.

"We were shooting stunts today which takes a lot of time and a lot of practice and can be dangerous, and right as this woman fell off a roof, Zac ran into the scene with a selfie stick. I don't even know how this happened, because the other day, Zac and I saw a couple on their honeymoon using a selfie stick and we were making fun of them. But then the next day, he shows up to set with a selfie stick."

In fact, the actor ambushed his director's interview to take a panoramic picture of the entire sit-down. "That's for life, we have that forever now," Efron told Szymanski after apologizing for crashing the event. "I got you, dog."

LOL! Szymanski says he might put up signs saying "No Selfie Sticks Allowed" to fix the problem, but according to Zac's tweet earlier today, it probably won't work (and we might secretly be hoping he doesn't stop snapping selfies, ever).

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is in theaters on July 8.

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