Coco Austin, Ice-T


Coco Austin is embracing every curve of her body. 

Nearly three months after giving birth to her first child, daughter Chanel Nicole, the 36-year-old model and reality star stepped out in Atlantic City alongside her longtime hubby Ice-T for a sexy Saturday night club appearance in an equally sexy curve-hugging ensemble. 

Wrapped in a satin little black dress with a pink lace bustier-style top and plunging neckline, the blond beauty took the stage at Harrah's Resort with her husband to party with the excited crowd at The Pool After Dark. 

"Thanks to everybody that came out Saturday night in Atlantic City.. We love you back!" she gushed on Instagram. 

As for her radiant look, Coco chalked it up to being a mommy.  

"Dress of the night! Trying to work the mama glow! I guess you could say Chanel is not going hungry anytime soon," she joked on Twitter.  

Coco, Instagram


A consistent proponent of body confidence, the longtime swimsuit and lingerie model has rarely shied away from celebrating her body in all of its forms, particularly throughout her nine months of pregnancy. Whether she's sporting a string bikini or in the middle of breastfeeding, the new mom has made one thing very clear—she will dress how she wants and parent how she wants. 

"I keep reading these stupid articles & ppl commenting that when u become a mother u have to stop dressing sexy.. oh please!" she wrote in early January. "Me dressing the way I want to will not interfere with me raising my more concerned about the war or something more important."

While she's described her first pregnancy as "unbelievably smooth," don't expect to see another baby bump in the near future. 

"I'm completely satisfied with my little family right now. I love it," she wrote in an exclusive baby blog for E! News. "A second child doesn't even come to mind because I'm all about her. I have to say baby Chanel is like my one and only."

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