ESC, Oil Infused Everything

You're no beauty novice, but there's one ingredient that could be missing from your makeup and hair products. 

Seriously, if you're not hip to the many ways that oil can completely save the day in a beauty emergency, listen up.

On its own, in its natural state, oil is pretty fantastic. We're talking jojoba, sunflower, olive—pretty much any and all oils do a darn good job of hydrating, healing and soothing. 

Mix it in with your makeup for a dose hydration or even find it listed as an ingredient in your salt spray for frizz-free beach waves—the list goes on. So, if you're not one to look for oil-infused beauty products, you might want to reconsider checking the ingredient list. 

Whatever your beauty situation is, there's probably an oil-infused something for that. For the best products that provide a surge of moisture, here are our favorites. 


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