L.A. Clippers Dance Squad, L.A. Clippers Dance Squad 101, Petra Pope, Kellie, Natalie


SO much drama went down on the series premiere of L.A. Clippers Dance Squad!

On the first episode of E!'s new hit show we met dancers Athena, Natalie, Kellie, Hannah, Savanna and more and then we watched them audition!

Hundreds of girls auditioned to be on the squad but only 20 made the team in the end. So which girls were chosen?

Check out the recap below to see the auditions, the cuts, the first team practice and more dramatic moments from the series premiere of L.A. Clippers Dance Squad!

1. Let the Auditions Begin:

At the beginning of auditions, the dancers are introduced to the creative director of the dance squad, Petra Pope. After Petra's introduction, it's time for the dancers to show her their moves! The first round of the auditions is freestyle, the second round is group choreography. After the second round the group is cut down to 40 dancers. Those 40 will then move on to round three, the L.A. Clippers Spirit Squad auditions.

2: The Final 20 Squad Members Are Announced:

At the end of the audition day, Petra has to announce the 20 ladies who will be on the squad.

"The energy in the room, I mean, it is so thick with fear and you know the big bad wolf is about to announce who the 20 dancers are," Petra says.

Watch the video above to see Petra make the cuts!

3. The First Practice:

After the final 20 squad members are chose, the L.A. Clippers Spirit Squad has their first practice! While it's a very exciting time for the dancers, the first practice doesn't go very well.

The squad's choreographer Jaclyn even tells the ladies that she's "disappointed" in them. Even though Jaclyn says this to the entire squad, Athena doesn't believe she's directing it at her.

Check out the video above to see Athena call out Natalie's dance moves!

L.A. Clippers Dance Squad, L.A. Clippers Dance Squad 101, Petra Pope, Kellie, Natalie


4. The Captain Is...

Now that the squad members have been chosen, it's time to pick a captain and a co-captain. During the second day of practice, Petra reveals that the captain will be announced today and then the co-captain will be revealed next week.

So who's in the running? Petra has her eye on veteran Kellie, rookie Athena and rookie Savanna.

At the end of practice, Petra has the squad sit down and she announces the captain.

"So for the captain, unanimously we chose...Kellie!" Petra reveals.

After Kellie is chosen, Athena has a chat with Petra and Jaclyn to let them know she's interested in being the co-captain.

When Natalie sees Athena talking to Petra and Jaclyn, she's annoyed.

"I'm sorry you just walked into this team, you don't know what anything is like, you have no experience, you don't fit that role," Natalie says. "So um to me it's just, annoying."

L.A. Clippers Dance Squad, L.A. Clippers Dance Squad 101, Petra Pope, Kellie, Natalie


5. "If Natalie Doesn't Pull It Together, I Will Fire Her"

Petra sees that Natalie is "bombing" the choreography during practice and she tells Jaclyn she's "so distracted" by her.

When Natalie continues to struggle, Petra tells her she should be "doing it full out."

Petra then says that Natalie "just isn't getting it" and then reveals that if she "doesn't pull it together, I will fire her."


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