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Some people think Daylight Saving Time is the worst, while others can't wait to use up that extra hour of sunlight we're able to get.

One thing is for sure, though.

If you live in a place that has to spring its clocks ahead an hour this weekend (2 a.m. Sunday, don't forget!), no matter how many years it has been happening, it's still super-weird to get used to.

Why, exactly, are we doing this again? Does anyone even own a clock anymore? Will this affect the Big Bang Theory episodes we've set to DVR?

We have a lot of questions, people.

Here a few things you should understand about the "holiday" when we're forced to remember how to adjust our microwave clock...

It was all Ben Franklin's idea.

The founding father wrote about the subject in a 1784 essay.

His argument? More daylight would mean people wouldn't waste candles by having to burn them longer.

It's basically the same thing people argued during World War I, when Daylight Saving Time was first introduced, to help the U.S. and other nations use less fuel.

As to whether it works and if it's a little outdated of an idea? That's something that has been up for debate for years.

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Not all U.S. states observe Daylight Saving Time (looking at you, Arizona and Hawaii.)

There are other countries, besides the U.S., that do, but not all of them kick it off on the same day.

Is this a little confusing when it comes to travel plans and communication? You bet it is!

Good thing we're all on our phones all the time 24/7, so just... respond whenever you get a Facebook message and hope for the best?

Another thing to know? Some industries love the changing clocks, while others hate it.

Many people believe farmers had something to do with the time change, but they weren't among the groups lobbying for it in the early 20th century.

Contrary to popular belief, farmers are not fans. Television networks aren't into it, either, since ratings typically dip following the switch every spring.

Industries that do like Daylight Saving Time?

Retail! (More time for shopping.) Candy makers! (Later, longer trick-or-treating hours.) The barbecue business! (Longer hours mean more time to grill out.)

Lastly, different studies have shown that Daylight Saving Time can have an influence on a range of things you wouldn't have guessed.

For example, some researchers have said it can cause lower SAT scores because it messes with students sleep schedules.

One study suggested a spike in reported heart attacks in the week after springing forward, again, possibly due to sleep loss.

On the positive side, deadly car crashes see a dip because of the additional daylight, which makes for safer roads.

Whatever your stance, one thing's for sure: it's coming—so you may want to push back the time for this Sunday's brunch date.

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