Mob Wives, Big Ang


Mob Wives ended how it all began: with big fights, strangely wise words and the ladies walking in unison to Rock Mafia's "The Big Bang."

After a disastrous sit-down between Karen Gravano, Drita D'Avanzo, Marissa Jade and Brittany Fogarty (you can see some of that explosive confrontation in the video below), cameras picked with the ladies two months later. Everybody had moved on? Not really.

"In this lifestyle, all the drama can get crazy at times. And the majority of the time, people can move past things," Big Ang said in voiceover in the final scene that featured the original Mob Wives recreating the show's opening. "And they can forgive and forget. But other times, and in this case, what's done is done."

Towards the end of the episode, Big Ang, who has since passed away, revealed her cancer had come back and spread. It was a strangely poignant finale considering Big Ang's recent passing. The ladies of Mob Wives are known to get upset over, well, everything. Of course it's amped up for the cameras, but Big Ang's passing made it strange to watch the final episodes of the VH1 series. Here was this larger-than-life personality who just seemed to love everybody, fighting for her life, while her friends fought each other—physically and verbally—over who supposedly said what. Aren't there more important things in life?

"So I guess I have a long fight ahead of me," Ang said in her last confessional shown on the series. "I f—king hate cancer. They say it kicks the s—t out of you. I gotta kick the s—t out it. But I don't know if I could. This might be a rough one….I'm going to live my life to the fullest and I'm going to do everything on my bucket list."

Ang said she got rid of her husband and the "bulls—t drama" after she learned of her diagnosis and she was going to focus on the important things in her life: her family.

"Over the years, I stayed out of the drama because this is the type of person I am. I loved the time that I shared together with the girls. I love each and every one of them in a special way. I'm still Big Ang and everybody still loves me, sick or not."

Mob Wives' final reunion airs Wednesday, March 16 at 8 p.m. on VH1.

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