Three Survivor Players Collapse From Heatstroke In Scariest Episode Ever

A challenge got castaways so heated that three of them came down with heatstroke

By Jean Bentley Mar 10, 2016 2:38 AMTags

Survivor: Kaoh Rong's ninth day started like any other one: With a ridiculous challenge that forced the castaways of season 32 to play a silly carnival on the beach in the middle of nowhere. But things got crazy VERY quickly when the challenge turned out to produce one of the most genuinely terrifying moments of the show, ever.

Things were very, very hot on that Cambodia beach, and Debbie (of the Brains tribe) succumbed to heatstroke. She knew what was happening to her body and managed to keep a smile on her face while the medics successfully cooled her down—but her fellow castaway Caleb wasn't so lucky.

Soon after Debbie's recovery, the Beauty tribe's Caleb collapsed. The medics attempted the same procedures to cool his body temperature down—but it didn't work. Cool saline solution and ice around his head and armpits didn't help either.

And while this was going on, Brawn tribe member Cydney also fell. Her teammates brought her over to where the medics were taking care of Caleb so she could more easily be treated. The constant stream of cold water pouring over her body managed to cool her down, but Caleb wasn't so lucky.

Saline, oxygen and ice wasn't doing the trick and the medics had to make a call, which meant the former Big Brother contestant needed a helicopter to evacuate him from the beach and effectively remove him from the competition.

Press play on both of the videos above to watch the terrifying moments (and don't worry, Caleb made it back home safely—and let's be real, they'll totally bring him back for another season, right?)

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 on CBS.