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John Legendhas a lot of exciting projects on the way, like producing the new TV series Underground, for example. But nothing is as thrilling as his soon-to-be role of daddy.—

The celeb participated in a Twitter Q&A with fans earlier today to discuss the plantation-set drama on WGN America, and during the interactive event, Legend also gushed about the arrival of his baby girl with Chrissy Teigen, which just completely melted our hearts.

Legend answered questions about baby names, having more kids in the future, and even got candid about his feelings on becoming a father.

Here are some of the greatest baby gems given to us from Teigen's "baby daddy" during his Twitter Q&A today:

On How Parenthood Will Change Their Lives: "Everyone says parenthood will change our lives. We believe it, we just don't know how yet. Because you don't really know how until you feel it yourself," Legend responded.

"But we are ready and excited. We are excited to have this little girl and hopefully a few more kids in the future. But either way, we know our lives are going to change, and we don't know exactly how yet, but we are anxious and excited." 

On How He'll Juggle Parenthood With His Career: "We are so excited to be parents, can't wait to meet our little girl," he said.

"When it comes to time management, you know, you just make it work. I was working on my album during this time. I was writing songs a lot. But you know, I just went to weekly meetings with the editor and the creators of the show and the music team. And we tried and made sure the music really enhance what was happening on the screen. And we were able to do that without taking too much of my time and I think it was really good."

On Choosing a Name for Their Daughter: "We haven't decided on a name yet. We have a few we've been talking about it a lot. I think we're really going to decide when we see her."

On What Scares Him Most About Becoming a Dad: "I don't know if I'm really scare about anything. You just want the baby to be healthy and I want her to be kind and intelligent and just a good person," Legend says. "And I'm not afraid I'm just hopeful. Hopeful for the future."

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