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Well, whaddya know? Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas are just like two ordinary brothers.

Regardless of growing up in the spotlight being superstars, Joe reveals that when it comes down to the basics, he and his younger sibling are just like any other pair of kin—in that things can get competitive. That's totally understandable, right? Who doesn't love a little, harmless competition with your family?

But it's not always about what you may assume. Given that these Jonas brothers are each musicians, it seems like the obvious competition in the family would be between the music that they're each putting out, but the DNCE artist explains to Ryan Seacrest that music is actually the one thing they're not very competitive about.

"We only get competitive with sports," Joe began to explain on On Air With Ryan Seacrest this morning. "Luckily, I think the music genres are different enough we're supportive. We've had time to separate it, so it's not like it's a thing when it comes to music."

But it's not just sports that brings out the rivalry. Things get interesting when the ladies are thrown into the mix, too. "Everywhere else, absolutely. If it's gambling or girls, it's usually competitive," he adds.

Things must be especially exciting for the two right now, considering they're both single and ready to mingle! We can only imagine the conversations they have considering all of the beauties they've been linked to recently.

Regardless, these two celebs have a lot to celebrate (aside from being in the company of super-hot babes). Nick earned his first No. 1 single with his catchy solo debut "Jealous," and Joe led DNCE to the top of the charts with their debut cut "Cake by the Ocean."

"I saw a really cool fact recently as well that Nick and I kind of celebrated recently. I guess," Joe told Seacrest. "And don't quote me on this, I read it online somewhere. We are the only two brothers since the Jacksons to have songs in the top 50s together at the same time, which is kind of a good feeling."

Nick is preparing to hit the road with longtime pal Demi Lovato for their Future Now tour. Meanwhile, Joe is preparing to get slimed big time very soon. 

DNCE, who are releasing their first album in August, will perform at The Forum in Los Angeles for the Kids' Choice Awards this weekend, and the singer teased, "We're playing 'Cake by the Ocean,' so if you can puzzle piece together what Nickelodeon will do with us and our song and lots of slime, it's going to be messy."

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