Forgotten 90's Crushes

Sure we swooned over Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but ain't no shame in a Spike crush, too.

James Marsters from Buffy and Marques Houston from Sister, Sister are just a few of the throwback '90s crushes we sort of forgot we had.

These cuties were just as swoonworthy as the Jonathan Taylor Thomas' of the world, and yet, it can take a little trip down memory lane to remember all the men we were once smitten over.

This is bringing back a lot of old feelings.

Looking back on the stars we used to daydream about it like running into an old flame that we have nothing but love for. We forgot how good they used to make us feel!

Check out this new photo gallery to revisit our crushes of yesteryear, including a hot Full House cameo we didn't remember until now...

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