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The new girl met the newer girl on tonight's 100th episode of New Girl, and we hope a beautiful new friendship was born.

Sure, Reagan's (Megan Fox) headed off to continue her jet-setting life of pharmaceutical sales, but she and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) did get to spend most of tonight's episode bonding as they searched for the juror Jess fell in love with while sequestered. 

Of course, the main thing they have in common aside from their brown hair and having lived in the same room is an attraction to one Nick Miller. We thought that might be awkward, but it really wasn't (save for Nick's incredibly awkward and amazing stream of consciousness rant at finding them in the same room together), and Jess was the one encouraging Reagan to tell Nick how she feels. 

Nick, meanwhile, planned to hit Reagan with a "goosebumps walkaway," or the line a guy says in a movie right before he never sees a girl again, but that didn't quite work out, since his chosen line was "Sayonara, Sammy," and he walked away right into the shower. 

In the end, after watching Jess reunite with her juror (Dimitri Martin) as they both appeared on the news to comment on their case, Reagan called Nick and repeated the line back to him, while also wearing the shirt Jess had bought for everyone, reading "My roommate found the defendant GUILTY."

Hopefully, this means Fox could return, because while she's no Jess, she's been a delightful replacement. 

Elsewhere in the episode, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) and Cece (Hannah Simone) joined Winston (Lamorne Morris) for one of his "dance gatherings" to practice for their wedding dance, but Schmidt had trouble handling the idea of no choreography. It all goes back to his days as a child trying to do the Hustle, when he vowed he would never perform in front of anyone without knowing the entire dance again. 

Eventually, with Winston and Cece's help, he came around to the idea of not caring what anyone thinks of him, and he ended the night with a performance he did not work hard to prepare. 

Unfortunately, Jess and her juror, Gary, had the non-courtroom chemistry of an old shoe and a lightbulb. They're not going to be Netflix and chilling anytime soon, but the romantic mystery was fun while it lasted. 

New Girl 100


New Girl airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on Fox. 

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