The Hashtaggers want Kevin Smith's diet supplement as their client and they're willing to risk their health to do it!

When the Hashtaggers hear about the diet product Kevin's endorsing, they set up a meeting with him.

"Oh my God let me tell you kids, this diet is amazing!" Kevin tells the Hashtaggers. "Not only do you not gain weight while you're taking it, you actually lose weight! Isn't that nuts?!"

"Wait a minute, wait a minute, is it meth?" Colin (Peet Guercio) asks.

"No it's not meth, I checked," Kevin tells them. "You want to know what it is? Alright come here, come closer, it's a tapeworm. Tenia is the French word for tapeworm."

Hashtaggers, Behind-the-Scenes Photos


Even though the product involves tapeworms, the Hashtaggers still want to take Tenia on as a client and they convince Kevin to give them a shot.

But Kevin tells them there's one condition, "First you gotta take Tenia. I think if you're gonna market it, you should know a little bit about it."

Watch the episode above to see what happens when the Hashtaggers try Tenia!

Plus you can watch all of the Hashtaggers episodes here!

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