ESC, Face Peel Masks

Right off the bat, there's something oddly satisfying about things that simply peel off.

Peel-off masks are nothing new, but they're most likely the thing your beauty arsenal is missing. The process is simple: Smear the goods all over your face (leaving space around your eyes, eyebrows and hairline), wait the recommended drying time, which is usually between 20 and 30 minutes, and then peel it off!

They help boost your face's radiance by exfoliating it; removing any dead skin or dirt for a smoother surface and inevitable glow. Put them on once or twice a week and, in no time, you'll be catching your newly brightened complexion in every mirror you pass. Not to mention, your skin will be insanely soft (warning: don't be surprised if your significant other starts getting more touchy-feely than normal with your face).

Head here to check out the five best peel-off face masks in the game—and their reviews.

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