Melissa McCarthy Would Rather Take a ''Punch to the Face'' Than See Her Daughters Feel Bad About Their Bodies

Actress opens up about body image in the April issue of Redbook Magazine

By Kendall Fisher Mar 08, 2016 7:13 PMTags
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Melissa McCarthy is kicking down the stereotypical barriers that bind women in Hollywood and making her own rules, becoming one of the most inspirational actresses today.

The 45-year-old mother-of-two opened up in the April issue of Redbook magazine and explained how she hopes to make a difference in women's lives by helping them see themselves and other women through a different lens.

And she's starting right in her own home, with her own two daughters, Georgette and Vivian Falcone.

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She's raising her daughters in an environment where they don't judge themselves based upon how they look.

"Give me your best punch in the face, and I'll take that punch, rather than have my kid feel bad about herself," McCarthy told the publication. "There's an epidemic in our country of girls and women feeling bad about themselves based on what point-five percent of the human race looks like. It starts very young."

She continued, "My message [to my daughters] is that as long as everybody's healthy, enjoy and embrace whatever body type you have."

In fact, she wants women everywhere (not just in Hollywood or in her home) to stop comparing themselves to everyone else.

"With women, there's this constant weird cultural thing where we're always supposed to be comparing ourselves with one another: Who wore it best? Whose butt's better?" she explained. "Instead, how about if everyone wins? How intensely boring would it be if we were all the same?"

Part of the way in which she's hoping to change that dynamic and help women boost their confidence is through her clothing line.

"A good portion of women in America are size 14 and higher. I just try to make clothing that'll make all women feel really good," she said. "When I feel good about my clothes, I'm more patient with my kids. I don't beep at the guy in his car texting in front of me. I look at the world a little differently. The small happy moments add up. A little bit of joy goes a long way."

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