Sasha Fierce and her dancer friends are back for their new music video, "Diva"—the female version of a hustler. It's all about being gritty and edgy, like strutting around a downtown L.A. warehouse in crazy designer fashion and chewing bubblegum. Hard-core style.

The best part is that the choreography in this one is way easier to learn than "Single Ladies," so even more people should be able to make their own YouTube versions—a fun holiday family activity.

And the worst part? Well, that’s a tie. Either the C-3PO-inspired mannequins, lack of robot hand (only one scene?!), obnoxious camera work or car explosion (divas don’t blow up cars; they try to outsing each other or scream about their soy latte order being wrong).

Oh! And Beyoncé has a new music video too...

Whereas Sasha Fierce is all about trying to act all crazy, Beyoncé's just a nice down-to-earth girl who likes love and bright shiny lights that make her look like an angel. "Halo" is nice and chill, perfect for some kind of romantic mixtape.


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