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We're coming up on a year since Paula Patton and Robin Thicke officially divorced, and now the actress is opening up about how she's moving forward after the heartbreak.

While promoting her upcoming film The Perfect Match, Patton posted a Facebook video explained how it's important to give love another chance, even if you've been hurt time and time again.

"You need to know that it's worth it. At the end of the day, having a partner in crime for life is so amazing and special when it's real and genuine, that it's worth taking the risk," she said. "And you are going to get hurt, trust me, I know! I've been hurt a couple times—maybe more than a couple times. But you gotta pick yourself back up, and give it another chance. I know I'm going to!"

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Posted by Paula Patton on Friday, March 4, 2016

So what's she looking for in a future partner? Though she said it's really up in the air, there's one thing she's certain about: she will have no pouty men in her life!

"If you pout you're out. I'm not dealing with a pouty man…I'm not doing that anymore," she said in a comment that may or may not have been directed at Thicke.

Meanwhile, E! News also chatted the the brunette beauty about another man in her life: her 5-year-old son, Julian.

Her little one is turning six in April and has requested quite an interesting gift for the special occasion.

"He's so excited about his birthday. He's like, 'Mommy, how many days?'" she told us, before revealing,  "He wants a disco ball. That's all I'm going to say about it."

LOL! But it actually makes sense considering his passion for dancing and music.  "He loves to sing and dance, and he plays piano," Patton added. "He makes up his own songs and such!"

Although Patton is focused on her one little dude right now, can she see herself with more children in the future? "Maybe. You never know!" she answered. "I don't have any prospects for that right now, but maybe!"

Check out her full interview above.

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