Starbucks, Spicy Chorizo Monterey Jack & Egg Breakfast Sandwich, Ancho-Chipotle Chicken Panini


Is nothing sacred anymore?

First we as a people had to endure the Great Chipotle Meltdown of 2016. It was hard, for both consumers who were sickened by the company's, er, E coli problems, and for fans who were forced to stay away from their beloved burrito bowls for fear of intestinal fallout far greater than its worth. 

Luckily, Americans banded together to ride out the dark times together, and now we've come out the other side with a new appreciation for sofritas and a whole lot of coupons for free Chipotle burritos. But what's this now? A murmur, a whisper that these still fresh memories could be coming back to haunt us again, this time with an entirely new but just as beloved brand?

Say it's not so, food corporations of America!

Today's bad news comes straight from Starbucks, with news that there is a recall out for the company's breakfast sandwiches because of a possible Listeria outbreak. (What is Listeria exactly? We're not sure, but it doesn't sound like a picnic for the stomach). According to Food Safety News, 250 locations have removed the sausage, egg and cheese muffins from their shelves. 

No illnesses have been reported yet, and it is a relatively small number of affected locations (there are thousands of stores in the U.S., after all), but we're going to go ahead and say maybe don't take your chances on the breakfast sandwiches just ye. We're still trying to get our confidence back with the guacamole stiffs over at Chipotle, so nobody needs a meltdown right now.

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