This potential on-screen couple could give Shailene Woodley and Theo James' steamy romance a run for their money. 

At least that's what Allegiant co-stars Zoë Kravitz and Miles Teller told E!'s Erin Lim. The pair wanted their characters to share a special connection in the upcoming installment of the highly anticipated Divergent series. 

"We're hoping they write a little Chris-Peter love story," Kravitz dished, to which Teller responded, "It doesn't make sense. Shailene and people are allowed to have love."

And if our imaginations weren't already fantasizing about the endless swoon-worthy moments these two could share, the talented duo proved even they can barely hold back their burning passion for each other. 

"We can stare into each other's eyes intensely," as Zoë reached for Miles' face before sharing an intimate moment of eye contact. (Time might have actually stopped. We're still not sure...) The two pals struggled to maintain their dramatic composure, and the silly moment ended with a few LOLs from the pair.

So how did the 29-year-old pique Kravitz' interest? All signs point to an on-set debacle between Miles and his pants, which the beauty jokingly described as "graphic."

When asked if filming the action-packed flick resulted in any injuries, Teller told E! News, "My pride. I ripped my pants. My pants always rip in the crotch. Whenever I get excited for a stunt, my pants rip right down the middle."

Kravitz added, "We were scaling the wall and he was unfortunately ahead of me. So my view was quite graphic."

Sure, Zoë might seem slightly traumatized by the fiasco, but that loving look she gave him totally proves he won her over. 

Allegiant hits theaters March 18.

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