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Happy early Mother's Day!

Only E! News has the exclusive look at the first poster for director Garry Marshall's latest holiday ensemble Mother's Day.

The poster shows Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson and Jason Sudeikis along with the tagline "Come Celebrate the Mother of All Holidays."

The star-studded movie tells the intertwining stories of a group of moms and their kids.

"We've got some heavy hitters in this one," Marshall tells  me.

Aniston plays a single mom of two whose ex-husband (Timothy Olyphant) has just married a much younger woman. Roberts is a Home Shopping Network titan who decided long ago not to have children and Hudson's character is estranged from her mom (Margo Martindale) but is hoping to repair their relationship.

As for Sudeikis, he's a "Mr. Mom" father of two girls.

Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Mother's Day

Open Road Films

Roberts not only chose which character she wanted to play, but she's also responsible for her ginger wig. "She plays a bigger than life girl on HSN," Marshall said. "They're not quiet little people so it was something she could make an entrance with."

This was his fourth film with Roberts, but his first with Aniston. "Jennifer was terrific," Marshall said. "She works really hard. I never saw anybody prepare like Jennifer Aniston. She really prepared everything. I thought she was just sensational in the picture."

Mother's Day is the third film in Marshall's holiday series. Valentine's Day was released in 2010 followed by New Year's Eve in 2011.

"I thought I was done with holidays," Marshall said. "But then I thought about my mother and she was the funniest lady I figured why not?"

Cannot wait!

Mother's Day is in theaters on April 29.

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