Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Fields


"I did not quite like it." 

That was how Phaedra's son, Ayden, felt about his dad's new mohawk hairdo, and it's also the vibe we got about the prison visit itself: just not quite what anyone thought it would be. 

We didn't actually get to see Phaedra and her sons visit Apollo for the first time since he went to prison a year ago, but by the time she got back in the car with Ayden and Dylan, it seemed like it didn't turn out to be the positive surprise she thought it would be for her kids. They were tired, they were bored, and it's likely that an hour-long car ride and an awkward visit with Apollo in a prison was not their definition of a "fun adventure," even if Dylan did get to show off his kara-tay.  

It was also not a lot of fun for Phaedra herself, who had to find a way to talk to her husband about divorce in front of the kids. Apollo isn't interested in a divorce, but Phaedra is ready to move on. She sees herself with a whole new life, a new husband, and most importantly, a divorce. 

Also, could her children be any cuter? Between all the friendly kissing, the kara-tay, and the "work and business," we were quite prepared to write to Bravo and ask for a whole show about those two. 

Elsewhere on RHOA, the very pregnant Kandi visited her gyno and got a little more than she bargained for. Not only was the doctor dressed more appropriately for a garden party than an ultrasound, but she started giving some very detailed sex position advice to Kandi and Todd, right in front of Mama Joyce, and said Kandi's name choice of Ace was perfect for a guy you'd go golfing with. It made us uncomfortable, but strangely the actual people in the room seemed fine. 

Later, Phaedra gifted Kandi with some nipple cream and gave her a rundown of that disastrous Jamaica trip, and Kandi kind of seemed glad she couldn't have joined them. 

Kim, meanwhile, delighted in seeing the results of her commercial shoot and continued to express how much she can't stand the dramatic Kenya, while Kenya tried to decide if her younger boyfriend Matt was actually a keeper. He took Kenya out to a fondue restaurant where she was slightly horrified to learn that she would have to cook her own ahi tuna, but was happy to find out that he didn't balk at the idea of having kids sometime soon. 

He almost screwed it up by referring to himself as an old man just looking for his "old lady," but otherwise it seems like Kenya might have found a somewhat solid dude. 

Oh and Portia and Cynthia did a photoshoot for Naked Lingerie, but the most dramatic thing that happened was that Portia took so long to get ready that she ran out of daylight to get pictures outside. Poor Portia! 

Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo. 

(E! and Bravo are both part of the NBC Universal family.)

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