The Good Wife


Can Alicia Florrick get some in peace? That's all she wanted. Peace and sex.

After such a streak of quality The Good Wife episodes, "Hearing" stumbled. Sure, it was fun to see guest stars Stockard Channing and Dallas Roberts again as Alicia's family, but they were wasted on a B-story. Why have them on the show if they're not going to have significant interaction with Alicia? The show missed a chance to really delve into what Alicia is doing with Jason by not depicting more of the familial interaction passed the sex interruption.

Anyway, Alicia finally got subpoenaed for the grand jury proceedings with Matthew Morrison leading the charge against Peter. Alicia, Eli and Mike Tascioni (who just makes me miss Elsbeth all the mover) hung out outside the court room to try and influence witnesses and learn what was happening. Alicia soon discovered the handicap bathroom offered some audible insight into what was happening with the grand jury room. Eli went to listen, which provided some cool visuals of the grand jury room mixed with the bathroom construction workers also on the other side of the vent. He discovered everything was about "v. Lock" which means…? Margo Martingale's Ruth Eastman was there and it seems she made a deal with the feds, but this cannot be the last we see of her. If it is, that's a crime.

While this was going on, Jason helped Veronica and Owen get Veronica's money back or something non consequential.

On the Lockhart/Agos and Lee front, Cary and David Lee continued suspecting Diane wants to make the firm all female. The writers remembered Diane is a great character and had her meet with Alicia. She doesn't want to make it a female-fronted firm, she wants somebody to challenge her, she wants Alicia to eventually buy Cary out and take the reins once again. Yes, all for this. Will Alicia sell Cary out? That's the conversation she had with Lucca (who didn't have a role in this episode at all).

Gasp count: 0.

Some other things:

When will movies and TV learn that people really don't have sex for days on end and only eat garbage food? When?

"Finally, she has someone she deserves," Veronica said of Jason. Barb at Will?

"He's no Will Gardner," Diane on Cary. The ghost of Will Gardner is strong! Alicia also confused Jason and Will, which was a little absurd.

Jason goes to church?

"Sex is a good replacement for tequila," Alicia proclaimed, but is that true?

The Good Wife airs Sundays, 9 p.m. on CBS.

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