Sacha Baron Cohen, Pharrell Williams, Beats 1 Show

Beats 1

Hope he washed his hands first!

Sacha Baron Cohen recently Sacha Baron Cohened the heck out of Pharrell Williams.

The 44-year-old actor, known for his Ali G and Borat alter egos, blunt sense of humor and public stunts, made a surprise visit to 42-year-old the R&B star's Beats 1 show OTHERtone and, as you would imagine, hijinks ensued.

Baron Cohen, who is promoting his movie The Brothers Grimsby, and Pharrell greeted each other by shaking hands, after which singer said he just saw the actor elsewhere in the building.

"Yeah I was, uh, taking a s--t," Baron Cohen.

A minute or so later, the actor showed Pharrell and his colleagues a clip from his new film on a laptop. While the footage isn't displayed, the men are seen losing their minds laughing and the singer is so affected he removes his headphones and leaves.

"Nah, nah!" he says, waving his heads.

The Brothers Grimsby sees Baron Cohen playing a soccer hooligan who teams up with his spy brother, played by Mark Strong, for a mission. The movie is rated R for strong sexual content, including graphic nudity, as well as violence, language and drug use. The movie hits theaters on March 11.

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