Christopher Von Uckermann, Dulce Maria

Rodrigo Varela/WireImage

The telenovela Rebelde aired almost 10 years ago, but its fans are not forgiving Christopher Von Uckermann's character's bad-boy behavior on the show.

The mean tweets have gotten so bad that the 29-year-old singer is reaching out to former co-star Dulce María, who played his love interest.

"@DulceMaria let's stop feeding the root of this issue of vondys. Just the way I do with those that follow me. I do not support bullying. Thank you," tweeted Von Uckermann.

"Vondys" are the fans of Christopher and Dulce María as a couple in the novela. 

Dulce María replied to the tweet, "Honestly it's sad and disappointing that you all use [Twitter] to insult and hurt, you all know that this was only a telenovela, please stop it."

RBD, a band with the most prominent cast members of the show, was formed after the telenovela's success. The group went on to be a worldwide success between 2004 and 2009.

In 2007, Von Uckermann had a brief relationship with bandmate Anahí. Then in 2011, rumors circled that he had more than a platonic relationship with Dulce María.

Unfortunately, Dulce María recently lost a very special fan to cancer. She made a moving tribute on her Twitter account to remember the strength of Mayrita.

It seems this Twitter feud was short-lived and has reached its end, at least for now. 

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