Reese Witherspoon, Draper James Video

Courtesy Draper James

Every once in awhile, the Universe offers up a special gift. And it's up to us, the mortals, to be willing to receive it. Today's celestial offering is a new video series from Reese Witherspoon's company Draper James

The videos—née, works of art!—are called "A Southern Guide To..." and they reflect the very essence of what it means to be a Southern belle, wrapped from head to toe in seersucker and good manners, the very essence of Reese Witherspoon. Like everything else stemming from Draper James—sensible tea dresses, farmers market bags emblazoned with phrases like "Totes, y'all" and "Gone Shoppin'," and articles such as "Here's What to Serve at a Whiskey Tasting"—these films are meant to subtly educate we northerners (read: bumbling non-mannered people) on what it means to be from below the Mason/Dixon line. 

It is but a young video series, with the second installment hitting the airwaves today, but my what knowledge it hath wrought. The first lesson was called "A Southern Guide to Movie Quotes with Reese Witherspoon," and thank heavens for it, because it made us realize that we have been saying our catch phrases wrong this entire time!

Our silly northern mouths have been saying "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse" instead of "I'm gonna make him a cornbread he can't refuse." And "Say hello to my little friend" instead of "Say hey y'all to my little friend." We're so dumb and not Southern.

The second installment, out today, is called "Thoughts From a Wicker Chair." Let the deep-ness wash over you.

What this video teaches us is exactly that: How to think while sitting in a wicker chair. For this you will need several things. First, a wicker chair. Then, an adorable wrap-around porch, preferably one that overlooks a patch of ivy. And finally, you'll need Reese Witherspoon's accent, perfect blowout, and overwhelming charm. 

Now, once you've gathered all your supplies, you will sit your adorable self in your wicker chair, sip on a Pinterest-perfect iced tea, and say things like "There's a lot of celebrities from the south" and "Madonna is from the south of Detroit, I'm pretty sure."

There you have it, you have become a Southern belle! 

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