Facebook Reaction Buttons


Just when we thought we could get used to these new Facebook reaction emojis, a new feature popped up that we just have to try. If you're already over the standard faces and hearts, you're in luck. Gizmodo notes you can actually change the emojis. Firefox and Chrome both offer an easy way to swap the regular smileys with adorable pictures of your favorite Pokemon or questionable Donald Trump facial expressions. Um, we choose you, Pikachu. If neither of those options tickle your Facebook fancy, there is a way to create and upload a reaction emoji pack of your own

Pokemon Emojis

Ring the alarm. This is no joke. Into Fuller House? How dope would that emoji pack be, for real? Think about it. The amount of expression on each of those characters faces is never ending. Take a look at the above screenshot from Google Chrome, and see the amazingness for yourself. Could you imagine? How about emojified Taylor Swift and her squad? Emoji Real Housewives, anyone? Shirtless pictures of The Rock? The possibilities are seriously endless. 

What emojis would you design for Facebook? Tell us your ideas in the comments! 

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