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Grey's took us back to the beginning tonight to revisit the first case that Meredith ever worked on her very first day as an intern when that patient was brought back into the hospital. Of course, there were Derek flashbacks, but what was most important about the storyline was that it showed off how much Meredith had grown and gave Meredith and forced Meredith and Amelia to confront some of their issues as they argued over the patient. 

Meredith also got a little closer to Riggs even when she really didn't want to, and finally got the truth about what he did to Owen: he sent Owen's sister, Meg, on a transport helicopter with a patient, when he could have gone instead, and the helicopter disappeared, with Meg presumed dead. Meredith wanted more details, but when Riggs threatened to ask her more questions about Derek, she gave up. 


For everyone else, there were just romantic relationship troubles all over the place. Maggie was upset because she and Andrew never got to have sex in the hospital, all thanks to Webber knowing full well that the two were sleeping together. Amelia and Owen worried about moving too fast or too slow, so they decided to just start completely over, and Jo didn't totally say no to Alex's proposal, but she also didn't say yes. She really said more of a no than a yes, explaining that she didn't want the ring "right now." 

As for April, she's not ready to tell Jackson about the baby, no matter how many people tell her he needs to know. She's just so darn happy about it, and telling him would just force her to acknowledge that things have gotten incredibly complicated, just like pretty much every relationship on this show. 

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How to Get Away with Murder

Whatever was going on in tonight's How to Get Away with Murder, it involved Asher wearing a dinosaur onesie and making appetizers for his friends/cohorts/fellow crime accomplices, and that automatically made everything amazing. 

We take the bright spots wherever we can get them, basically. These kids have been through a lot and any opportunity they have to wear fun pajamas at a slumber party is an opportunity we're happy to see them take. 

In reality though, that was the only happy moment in tonight's episode, and even that slumber party only happened because everyone's totally terrified of Phillip (or whoever is stalking them) and determined that Asher's the only person Phillip doesn't have his eye on.

Meanwhile, Wes tried to get to the bottom of his mother's case, which meant determining whether or not he had anything to do with her death. Through flashbacks, we found out that he didn't. He just walked into the room to find her on the floor, just after Annalise had left her there. While it was actually Rose who stabbed herself in the neck when she believed that her son had become a casualty in the case she was involved in, Annalise did nothing to help her, and actually stopped herself from calling 911 before just taking off. 

The episode ended with Annalise trying to find Wes, only to then learn that Wes had tracked Even down to get answers from her. Someone else was in Wes's apartment, and he was in full attack mode. 

As for Annalise's pregnancy, we still don't know what happened to the baby, but next week is promising an answer and "the wildest hook-up in Murder history," to which we say, "Yes please!" 

Grey's Anatomy and How to Get Away with Murder air at 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. Thursdays on ABC.

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