Era foto o video ?? @marcanthony 1 vez esta bien pero 2... Jajajaj

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We've all fallen for this trick, where you smile at the camera, just to have your friend laugh and tell you it's just a video. Well, Marc Anthony fell for this trick…twice!

It all went down on Maluma's Instagram account, where the 47-year-old singer innocently posed for a picture. After two seconds, the Colombian star breaks the news to him that it's a video. The two laughed and then Anthony poses again for a picture, although the camera is still rolling. We couldn't stop laughing!

"Was it a video or photo? @marcanthony 1 time is fine but 2… haha," the 22-year-old singer captioned the video.

It seems that the superstars were in the recording studio cooking up some musical magic with the help of singer and producer Maffio.

Em pa na das #SeJodioLadieta @maluma venimos con cosas sabrosas. #LosSabros

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Diet? What diet? Maffio shared this Instagram pic of the two enjoying some delicious empanadas, because late-night studio munchies are a thing.

Earlier this year, Anthony and Maffio teamed up with Chino y Nacho. Although, the collaboration is still under wraps, the group of talented Latinos shared this picture with their fans.

"Voy a hablar de defectos y virtudes" A este grupo, Maffio es el más alegre. Nada le molesta, siempre es positivo, sobrestimador, trabaja con el alma, es hiperactivo y está en la constante búsqueda de lograr sus objetivos. Lo tienen que matar para detenerlo. Chino es el entusiasta, soñador, responsable, amante del espectáculo...el sociable. Leo es el mediador, analítico, imparcial, motivador, bastante objetivo. Yo lo que hago es discutir todo el día, soy el tipo de persona que te hace decir: -Bueno, tú sabes como es él...el loco que toca entender-. Y Marc, Marc es experiencia y...básicamente, el jefe ja, ja, ja. Todos juntos somos: MAGNUS. @maffio @chinomiranda @leoherrera21 @marcanthony By: @nacholacriatura

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We can't wait to hear what amazingness Jennifer Lopez's ex-husband is creating!

Speaking of J.Lo, she gets real about Ben Affleck's back tattoo in the clip below...

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