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Kelly Clarkson's daughter, River Rose, is easily one of the cutest kids in Hollywood...but the singer says her infant has one very "scary" quality: she's too nice!

Seriously, the "Piece by Piece" artist sat down with Ellen DeGeneres this week and explained how River Rose is just a little too comfortable in getting along with strangers.

"It's kinda scary because she would go home with anyone and be fine in life," Clarkson revealed to the talk show host. "She's very happy with anyone. It's scary, you can't not watch her."

In fact, one person she really gets along with is Ellen—mostly because she recognizes the host's voice from Finding Nemo, which is one of her favorite movies.

"She loves you. She was always trying to kiss you and give you lipstick," Clarkson laughed before explaining, "That's her thing right now is lipstick, and she goes, 'nom, nom, nom,'" the pregnant mom said while rubbing her lips together.

Of course, Ellen had to reciprocate her love for River Rose (and even Clarkson's unborn baby boy), sending the singer home with a couple adorable Finding Nemo costumes, which the one-year-old loved!

Meanwhile, Clarkson also talked to Ellen a bit about her tear-jerking American Idol performance from last week, revealing that the whole day was filled with emotions for many reasons. Not only was her daughter "running around the same hallways" she did when she was 19-years-old, but it was also her final appearance on the show.

Not to mention, the song she chose to perform, "Piece by Piece," has a very emotional meaning to both her and her sister.

"The song is incredibly sad…but hopeful," she explained. "Because a lot of us, we didn't have a bar to set as far as finding love and relationships. Or friendships in any form. So my sister and I had a conversation afterwards I ended up writing this song about how lucky we are because we both found incredible fathers and just lovers and men and just partners. I feel really lucky because I feel like a lot of girls with daddy issues don't end up that way, we end up going the same [route]."

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Of course her husband, Brandon Blackstock, and their daughter were in the crowd cheering her on, which only heightened her emotions that much more.

"And he was there, my little girl was there, my little boy was like turning circles in my stomach," she said. "It was like nostalgic. It was the last time I was gonna be on Idol and it's ending. I was screwed from the get-go."

Check out her full interview with Ellen above!

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