Both Tina Fey and journalist Rachel Maddow have a few things in common: They both have been on TV, have traveled the world for their jobs and have reported the news. OK so maybe that latter one isn't totally true, but Fey did appear on satirical segment "Weekend Update" on Saturday Night Live and plays a broadcast journalist in her new movie Whiskey Foxtrot Tango, so we'll give it to her.

Given their overlapping interests, it's safe to say they might be "know it alls," which is exactly what Jimmy Fallon intended to find out on Wednesday's episode of The Tonight Show. Both Fey and Maddow competed in a game of "Know It All" to see just exactly who knows more about a variety of categories.

The stars had to choose from the following categories: cocktails, cheeses, famous Bobs, dog breeds, rappers and Spanish words. The MSNBC correspondent selected dog breeds for the first round, so both women had to spitball types of dogs within a certain amount of time. Both went back and forth before Fey stumbled and couldn't come up with anything other than "weiner dog."

Unfortunately, the judges ruled against her! We think you were looking for dachshund!

Tina Fey, Rachel Maddow, Jimmy Fallon


The Sisters star chose rappers for the second round, which she immediately regretted. "Why did I do that to myself?" she joked. But it ultimately worked out in her favor.

They began listing names such as Jay-Z, Eazy-E, Ice-T and Too Short, but when Fey named Snow, Maddow doubted her choice and challenged her. Luckily for Fey she was right! Snow, is in fact, a rapper.

"He's not a good rapper," Fey clarified. "[Fallon] didn't say he had to be a good rapper."

Touché, Tina.

With all the fierce competition getting to their heads, Fey and Maddow wanted to know what kind of winnings were at stake. "What kind of car do we get?" Fey joked.

"It's a Pontiac!" Maddow responded, in a game show host's voice. "It's under your seat."

"It's a photo of a great car," Fallon interjected.

The third and final round, which Fallon chose, was cheese. Watch the video to find out who the bigger know it all is.

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