Dear Universe, what hath society done to receive this bounty?

We haven't exactly been our best behavior. We let Leonardo DiCaprio work in Hollywood for twenty years before we gave him an Oscar. We're still eating at Chipotle even though they gave us E. coli. And there's that whole who's-winning-the-primary-race-right-now. 

But yet somehow, we are rewarded. And we are rewarded with perhaps the best gift we could imagine: The Instagram account Taste of Streep. What is it, you ask? It's an Instagram account that Photoshops Meryl Streep onto different popular foods. If that sounds disturbing to you at first, just give it a minute. Because it is truly the best thing on the Internet right now. 

The concept is so simple, but the result is so perfect. Partly because we never realized how much Queen Meryl seems to dress like food. Just let us enlighten you with a few of the most fabulous images on @tasteofstreep

There's Meryl as Avocado Toast:

 And Meryl as donut: 

 There's Meryl as Dunk-a-roos. 

 And who could forget Meryl as churros.

Thank you, world.

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