Caitlyn Jenner has come a long way since going forward with her transition in the public eye. But almost one year after her tell-all interview with Diane Sawyer, Jenner tells the Today show's Natalie Morales that she is doing better than ever.

"It has been so long in my life when I woke up happy," she said in a pre-taped interview Wednesday morning.

Jenner has had a busy year, mentoring trans youth, giving inspirational speeches and working on her reality show I Am Cait. She has been labeled as a heroine in the trans community, but Morales had to ask the E! star if her transition was easier because she could afford and had access to the "best" doctors and therapists. Jenner, however, said while she has had that privilege, her transition could be considered more difficult because she did it in the spotlight.

"Mine was being publicly around the world," she said, adding that others can transition "in private."

Caitlyn Jenner


Now that she is living her life out in the open, Jenner finds herself happier than ever, especially since she can be part of "girls' nights," which is something she has wanted to do all her life. She told Morales she would think, "That's just not fair," when told she couldn't be part of a girls' night out because she wasn't one of them. But these days she has an entire group of girlfriends whom she hangs out with regularly; they even have friendship bracelets together.

With a solid group of girlfriends and a supportive family, Jenner seems to have it all, so is she ready to start dating? It's not too clear. Jenner alluded to the fact that if she were to start dating she might be interested in seeing men.

"There is a revelation in that," she says of her admission. While she says she's far too busy these days to actually date, she did admit, "It would be nice to kind of share your life with someone."

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