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As we already know, Emily Maynard's family is expanding once more, and now we have all the details on this former Bachelorette's third pregnancy.

E! News confirmed earlier today that the reality star and husband Tyler Johnson are expecting their second child together, who will only be 14 months younger than brother Jennings, and now Maynard is dishing all the scoop on baby No. 3!

"I am so excited. We were surprised," Maynard tells E! News exclusively. "Right after Jennings was born, I was like I can't wait to do this again. We just didn't think it would happen so quickly, but we're really excited. Everybody's told me, ‘Girl, you're never going to sleep again'. But, that's OK."

Who needs sleep, right? Yeah, yeah, we know. But it seems like fatigue is the least of Maynard's worries. Unfortunately, the blond beauty is experiencing a much more intense version of morning sickness. "For me, it's all day sickness. I carry a bag with me everywhere I go," she admitted (and is asking for tips on how to overcome it, FYI. Send your secrets her way!).

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Because of her "all-day sickness," the I Said Yes author says her pregnancy cravings have kicked in full gear yet. "I'm not at the point yet where I can really enjoy food yet, to be honest. But with Jennings, especially, I just ate everything in sight. I had no self-discipline and I just ate whatever sounded good at the time—a lot of hot wings."

But once she gets her appetite back, Maynard isn't going to worry about sticking to any sort of pregnancy diet. "I feel like pregnancy is the one time you can eat whatever you want and not worry about it and just figure it out afterwards, as far as any like weight gain and all that. I just don't really stress about it and take it as it comes."

And while hubby Tyler is "super excited" about their upcoming arrival, the pair are apparently finding themselves disagreeing on one particular thing—baby names.

"You know that is like our biggest disagreement, what we are going to name our children. So I am still working on him for some on them but he is not into them," she tells us.
"My middle name is Gibson, so I would like to name whatever it is Gibson. He says a lot of my names—he is kind of on board with Gibson—but he says a lot of my names sound like dog names. He wants biblical names, so his names are great, but I want something a little different."

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Speaking of Tyler, whom she'd met between her time on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Maynard tells E! News that it was so clear he was the one for her.

"He is so different and he wasn't really impressed by any of that, you know? He never watched the show, so he had no frame of reference or anything. He just wanted to get to know my heart while I was away from all of that. We just became friends. It wasn't until I got back from the Bachelorette that we started dating."

And even then, Emily was looking for signs that it wouldn't work out, but she was coming up short. "I really just prayed that God would show me something. Everything was so easy in our relationship and I just prayed that God would show me a reason we shouldn't be together and I just had this peace about it. It was just easy. [My daughter] Ricki loved him, my family loved him."

I Said Yes: My Story of Heartbreak, Redemption, and True Love Book, Emily Maynard Johnson

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Although she's moved on from Bachelor nation, Maynard still keeps up with the show, and gave us her two cents on Ben Higgins' recent rebel move—telling two woman that he loves them! GASP!

"As crazy as it sounds, I get it," she confesses.

"You are in this crazy world where nothing is normal. It is really easy to kind of separate each relationship. To people at home watching, you think it's crazy, but when you are in it, it makes sense. I just hope whoever he chose will kind of understand and they can work it out."

Regardless, Maynard doesn't regret her time on the show, and shares her greatest lesson learned from trying to find love (twice!) on television. "I am Southern, so I want everyone to like me, and I learned that's never going to happen and I can't get my confidence from the world. It's who I am in God's eyes," she tells E! News.

"That was a big struggle for me and I think I am always going to struggle with that. And also what I was looking for in relationships and making the same mistakes over and over again, and I knew I had to make a change."

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