The O.J. Simpson trial affected a number of people in many different ways, and while we're more than aware of the Kardashian connection to the case, you may not know the scale of danger that hovered around Kourtney, Khloe, Kim and Rob Kardashian at the time.

"The trial was one of the hardest times," Khloe told E! News in a throwback interview, which was resurfaced on tonight's episode of E! News.

The famous family dealt with a serious divide during the infamous trial, which has inspired the FX miniseries The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story, with Kris Jenner being a close and dear friend of Nicole Brown and their father Rob Kardashian representing Simpson in the case.

"Kourtney and I would go to the trial with my dad and we'd sit on one side and I remember looking over at my mom sitting on the other side sitting next to Nicole's parents," Kim once told us.

"It was hard because you'd go to my dad's house and all the forensic testing going on, Bob Shapiro and Johnny Cochran meeting at my dad's house all the time. That was the home base. And then you'd go to my mom's house and Faye Resnick was living there and Denise Brown and all the sisters were there," she continued.

"And I'm like, well, what do we think and where do we stand? Which parent do we side with? We're siding with this one, then my mom and Bruce are upset. We're over here, then my dad's upset."

Khloe echoed similar sentiments at the time, but mentioned that her primary focus was to help her childhood friend, Sydney Simpson.  "It's really hard to see someone who's always been so sweet to you and taking you here and there and always being Uncle O.J. You don't really know what to believe or how to perceive it," she told us.

"I would never really voice an opinion and I'd always be there for Sydney. And I just always remember what a hard, hard time it was for everybody. Especially those kids."

However, the Kardashian kids weren't exempt from dealing with some seriously dangerous threats because of their connection to the trial. As we all know, O.J. was acquitted of murder, but he was guilty in the court of public opinion, and that caused a lot of problems for the Kardashian family.

"My father's cars would have keyed ‘guilty' all over his cars and my dad's just trying to be a good friend and stand up for someone," Khloe explained.

"My dad always had death threats sent to his house or kidnapping scares. There were many times when we couldn't go to my dad's, but as kids, you would think it's the parents not letting you. But our mom doesn't want to be like, 'Oh someone's trying to kidnap you.'"

Khloe added, "It's sad to see how stressed out your parents are. It's sad to see your parents go through so much pain for trying to be true friends. My mom going through so much hurt because she lost someone so dear to her. And then you're dealing with these kids who would come over to play with us and we'd try to take their minds off of things and you can't. It's so sad."

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