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It can be hard to summarize all of your deepest thoughts and feelings in 140 characters. Even harder? Firing off said thoughts and feelings on an iPhone without having auto-correct write "Ducking" even though that's not what you mean at all.

Since celebrities are just like us (sometimes), they go through the exact same thing—their keyboards are just as small and they hit "Tweet" just as quickly. But unlike the rest of America, celebrities have a lot of people watching when they make grammatical errors. If you misplace "your" and "you're," a few people notice. But if you're Justin Timberlake, everyone notices. 

Since today is National Grammar Day (yes, apparently that's a thing), Grammarly decided to do a little analysis of all the biggest A-listers and their spelling habits. They looked at the top 50 most-followed celebs on Twitter, and ran their tweets through a battery of tests to find out who has the least amount of errors, measured by number of mistakes per every 100 words. 

Before we go giving away the goods, a few insights gleaned from the study: The top three most grammatically-correct celebs all attended Harvard (coincidence?), and in general, the older the star is the better their grammar is. It looks like age really does come with wisdom. And now for the top 10, in beautiful infographic form courtesy of Grammarly:

Grammar Infographic

Courtesy Grammarly

Of course, it's worth pointing out that all of these celebs, while they have their near-perfect grammar in common, aren't exactly tweeting about the same thing. The first-place winner's most recent message was a joke about the Supreme Court justices playing beach volleyball, and the second-place finisher gave advice on reducing our carbon footprint. 

And then there's Selena Gomez("SO excited to have @DNCE supporting me this summer on the #REVIVALtour1!") and Khloe Kardashian ("See what my surprising hobby is!"). 

But the lesson to be learned here is that no matter the subject matter, all these celebs deserve praise for knowing their theres from their theirs.

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