Mark Ruffalo and the Incredible, Awesome, Very Good Day (at the Oscars 2016)

And we have proof it happened.

By Seija Rankin Mar 01, 2016 12:29 AMTags
Mark Ruffalo, Academy Awards Nominee LuncheonKevin Winter/Getty Images

There are many viewers out there who believe that Leonardo DiCaprio had the best Oscar night of any man in Hollywood. And they wouldn't be wrong, per say. He did win his first gold statue in over twenty years of being nominated. And he did get to go to basically every Oscar party in the history of Oscar parties. 

But it's not exactly the whole truth of who had the best time. That's because the people are forgetting about a man named Mark Ruffalo. A man named Mark Ruffalo who happened to have the absolutely best day of his life yesterday. 

(And that's not an easy feat because, after all, he's Mark Ruffalo.)

We would say it all started on the red carpet, but that part you know. He came, he wore a Valentino jacket, he conquered. His true elation came once inside the Dolby Theatre. 

It began with what will now be known as The Wink of 2016. It's like he practiced the perfect facial expression, just waiting for that audience camera to pan right by.

And we the people were treated to not but, but several Winks. We are truly not worth of The Wink That Makes the Earth Go Round .

Then, after his eyes had calmed down, Mark got to receive the utmost in Oscar honors. No, it's not starring in a movie that won Best Picture and being so #blessed as to accept the evening's most prestigious award surrounded by a stellar cast and crew as glitter fell and the credits rolled. It was meeting Morgan Freeman

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The joy! The surprise! Ruffalo is so flummoxed at the opportunity to touch Sir Morgan that he darn near turned into The Hulk right there on Hollywood Boulevard. He had so much love and wonder in his heart that he couldn't stop at Mr. Freeman—he had to spread it 'round, to none other than Leo DiCaprio.

Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

"Come hither, my young prodigal son," says Mark to Leo. "You have received just earned the truest honor in our land, this Hollywood, and I shall now bless you with my fingers...and maybe more."

So just how does one cap off a night of true magic and beauty? By attempting to steal the biggest Oscar statue in the theatre, of course. It seems that Mark's luck may have run out by that time, but damn if he isn't having the best time trying. 

Let's all try to embody a little bit of Mark's spirit as we go forth into this week. 

I tried to make off with the big one. Security stopped me. Darn it. #oscars

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