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Okay, we're going to need a second to digest this. Kevin Hart just presented at the Oscars, and he wasn't joking around. At least not the entire time.

This isn't something America is used to. We know Kevin Hart for his wild jokes and his sparkly tuxedos, and not so much for his thoughtful words on serious issues plaguing the country. 

But that said, we'll take it! 

Hart appeared onstage to announce The Weeknd's performance of his nominated song "Earned It," and took the opportunity to start off with a few inspiring messages for his fellow actors of color.

"Before I do this, I want to take a second to get something off my chest," he began. "First and foremost, I'm a positive guy. I feed off positive energy and I feel like positive overall beats negative. With that being said, I want to take a moment to applaud all of my actors and actresses of color that didn't get nominated tonight."

The comedian went on to explain that he didn't want all of the snubs and industry-wide lack of opportunity to discourage his peers or change the hard work and effort they put into their craft every day.

"At the end of the day, we love what we do and we are breaking major ground doing it," he continued. "These problems of today will become problems of the old. Let's not let this negative issue of diversity beat us. Let's continue to do what we do best and work hard. With that being said, congratulations on an amazing year, okay?"

It was a Kevin Hart we didn't quite recognize, but one we'd certainly like to see more of. But of course, he did also make sure, before ceding the stage to The Weeknd, to get in a few quips about his assigned seat at the show (which wasn't in the front row like he'd hoped) and his aforementioned glitter-encrusted duds. 

Once a comedian, always a comedian.

Watch E!'s live 2016 Oscars red carpet coverage starting at 1:30p.m. ET/10:30a.m. PT on Sunday, February 28th

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